Develop an Enterprise and Entrepreneurial culture in your school ...... it has great benefits!

Provides you with interactive, fun activities that involve local employers and that develop team work and communication skills. Your children form businesses to make products to sell. The transition benefits are fantastic, building excellent links between schools, colleges and local businesses.

Helps you to ensure all Key Stages are involved in work related learning that develops the knowledge, skills and understanding that are useful in work to help prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Time for a Change Primary Enterprise Programme



"Time for a Change” is a fun, interactive Enterprise programme for primary schools aimed at Key Stage 2-3 with a recycling theme and includes a full teacher resource pack. Children set up their own mini businesses to design, make and sell a product with the programme typically lasting over a term finishing with a “dragons den” style session where groups of children present their business idea to a panel of employers. The programme can be run with a cluster of schools or a single school and can link to secondary feeder schools as part of a transition package.                                                                                                                           

Aims of the programme are to:

  • give children a basic understanding of business principles and practices
  • gain active involvement from local businesses
  • build on childrens Business Enterprise knowledge and skills
  • raise awareness of issues such as recycling and the challenges faced by many people locally and globally

Full Synopsis


MPLOY CASE STUDY :  Time for a Change Programme

A cluster of 14 Primary Schools involving 446 children in Nantwich ran the programme for their Year 4, 5 and 6 children over a three month period as an inter school competition that culminated in two "Finals" run at the local feeder high schools - Malbank and Brine Leas as part of transition awareness. The children designed and manufactured a fantastic range of products for sale resulting in a sucessful selling days in every school. Products included a shoe shining service, healthy drinks, christmas decorations , jewellery, CD coaster, skittle alley and hand puppets.The judging took place in "dragons den" style involving local employes such as David Antrobus Marketing, The Cat Radio, Buildbase, Wright Manley and Complete Eco and many many more!


MPLOY CASE STUDY : Crafty Cards                                                                                                                                                                               

Crafty Cards is an interactive activity with a strong literacy link and is a tailored programme fully delivered by Mploy Solutions typically in a half day session. Children have a general introduction to business and then work in their card manufacturing companies to design and produce a sample card, market it and take part in a sales pitch. Crafty Cards works particularly well for clusters of schools or those looking for a shorter enterprise option. For clusters, there is also the option of an inter school competition with a Grand Final activity at the end.  (Full synopsis)

After a recent Crafty Cards event, here's what some children had to say:

When asked if they enjoyed Crafty Cards;

  • "Yes because it inspired me."
  • "Of course I have. It was a great experience to have if you're only 9!"

When asked what they had learnt about working as a company;

  • "You have to get the best workmen and materials possible."
  • "I liked working in a group. I learnt that even though you might not be with your friends, you can still work together."
  • "You can get prices lower if you negotiate."
  • "Money doesn't grow on trees and sometimes you have to try and persuade people." 

MPLOY CASE STUDY : Eco Bags                                                                                                                                                                      

Eco Bags is an engaging and interactive activity where children design and make bags out of recycled materials. Working in teams, the children plan everything from their company name and branding through to their pricing strategy before deciding which bag design to put in to production. The teams also have to pitch themselves and their companies to a panel of judges explaining the thought processes behind their chosen designs.Eco Bags is a popular activity to be run as a stand alone activity and can also be used as a 'final' activity where a primary enterprise package has been purchased. (Full synopsis)

Here's what some children had to say after completing the Eco Bags activity:

When asked what they had learnt about working as a company;

  • "It is important to work together and to perform a good presentation."
  • "Failing is ok - it's tough. It's hard making joint decisions."
  • "I learnt that sometimes life is a challenge."
  • "That there is no I in team and teamwork is the most important."

When asked if they could change anything, would would it be;

  • "Nothing! Maybe a little more practice on our presentation."
  • "I wouldn't change anything."
  • "Nothing, because it was perfect! 








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Year 6 pupil at an Enterprise Event said they learnt "that when you work as a team you can make a wonderful thing"

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