"I just want to say a HUGE thank you for today! Feedback from the teachers has been great... except they think we need to run the fair for longer as the children were enjoying it so much!  Key Stage 1 children also loved the afternoon... not sure how I'm gonna top it!"

 Julie Harrison, Teacher at Rainhill St Annes Primary feeding back about their Careers Fair 


"Time for Change is an important yearly event in our school calendar.  The children are always thrilled to be making money by running their own business.  Never have I seen such enthusiastic children selling their goods at the school fair.  The final event, which takes place with other local schools, ensures that the children work with children from other school in the final business project.  It's a well thought out project that gives the children lots of business experience needed to create the entrepreneurs of the future."

Andrew Ross, Headteacher at Millfields Primary School feeding back about Time for a Change delivered in a cluster of 14 Nantwich Primary Schools

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