Enterprise and Employability Activities

Innovative, exciting programmes supported by local employers which give young people an insight into the knowledge and skills entrepreneurs need when creating new ventures.

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These activities provide students with an opportunity to develop the skills that many employers say are lacking in today’s labour market such as communication, team working, problem solving and negotiation.

Enterprise Days 

"Tomorrow's Managers Today"

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"Digi App" 

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Local employers support every enterprise activity which helps provide students with a better knowledge of the world of work. and with the opportunity to develop the skills many employers say are lacking in today's labour market, such as communication, team working, problem solving and negotiation ... to name just a few!


CASE STUDY: "Tomorrows Managers Today"

Hurricane Vans storm ahead to victory…Year 10 students at The Bishops Blue Coat C of E High School in Chester worked as vehicle manufacturing companies for the day, negotiating with dealers and designing and producing a range of vehicles. Roving business consultants from local businesses were on hand including Paul Shone, Pepsico; Dave Mayhew & Adrian Butler,Essar  to offer business advice and expertise and were also on the judging panel at the Dragon’s Den style pitches that all companies had to present.The competition was fierce with the winning team constantly changing throughout the course of the day. In the end though, Hurricane Vans were victorious with a healthy profit!

FEEDBACK from students and employers

When asked for the three main things you have learnt from the activity, students who took part in the "TMT" responded:

  • "Teamwork, Confidence, Listening skills."
  • "Teamwork, How to run a business, Good marketing skills."
  • "Use money wisely, Quality Matters, Always try to get the best deal."
  • "Money management, Selling, Time management."
  • "Budgeting, How to make money, How to coordinate a team."
  • "How to work better with other people, How to pitch a product, The areas of negotiation."

Employability Activities

“71% of employers see the development of young people’s employability skills as a priority for secondary schools”

(Confederation of British Industry Education and Skills Survey 2012)

Engaging events involving local employers, designed to help your students recognise, develop and apply their employability skills. Programmes can be tailor made to your requirements but typically include Careers Fairs, Interview Preparation Workshops, Mock Interviews with employers, Employer/Industry Visits and CV Development.

The activities have been designed to help your students to develop their skills, for example communication and customer awareness, to ultimately help them become more employable.

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CASE STUDY: Mock Interviews Falinge Park High School

Mock interviews were recently organised for Falinge Park to enable each of their Year 10 students to experience an interview with an employer. Twenty five employers took part in the activity each conducting a number of interviews throughout the day.

Students 'applied' for a job from a Job Board and completed an application form which was then provided to the empoyer for the questioning to start! All employers comented on how well students came across, given that for many, it was their first ever encounter of an interview situation. One employer in particualar commenting on how he learnt alot about morals and work ethic from from one of the young men he interviewed.

Students were able to practice their communication skills and interview techniques with feedback being given about how to respond to certain questions and why it's important to have eye contact and a firm handshake!




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"Enterprise Days are a great way for young people to get an insight into business, allowing them to discover that activities such as design, production, marketing, sales and finance can be both exciting and fun. Above all, it develops great team working and leadership skills"

Mark Crook, Harriman Green & Associates

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